Waste Management and Boy Scouts roll out new convenient cart to increase recycling

The Boy Scouts of America’s Gulf Stream Council will be selling recycle carts at a one-day sale this Saturday, March 23 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. at 12 locations in Martin and Palm Beach County in an effort to get more people to recycle.

The recycle carts, which were created by Envision Product Development Group of Stuart, are extremely durable and make recycling more convenient than ever.  The recycle carts sale is part of the scouts’ Leave No Trace environmental education program and will act as a fundraiser for the Boy Scouts.

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Boy Scouts’ “Leave No Trace” Program Support

The Gulf Stream Council, Boy Scouts of America will be doing a 7 county wide promotion of our recycle bin carts.

The Florida counties that the council is going to make the carts available to the public are Palm Beach, Martin, St Lucie, Indian River, Okeechobee, Glades, and Hendry counties. Scouts throughout the area will be educating the public as to the best way to recycle and its positive benefits to our communities.

The LEAVE NO TRACE program focuses on maintaining the integrity and character of the outdoors for all living things. Our recycle carts assist the Boy Scouts and are stable, esthetically pleasing, and convenient to be used on all driveways and other surfaces.

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Recycle Bin Carts with Super Strength

It even surprised us how strong this recycle bin cart is. After all, we designed it, prototyped it, even filed a patent on it… but when we got in to the “nitty gritty” testing of its quality we were amazed.

We loaded the bins as they set on the bin clips with brick after brick after brick after brick. The clips and the cart itself just kept taking it. There is no way any body that would own one of these carts would abuse it like we did the several we tested.

The cart was designed by the team at our sister company ENVISION PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT GROUP. We explored several ways to go about its design and construction and settled on the method we felt would provide a decade of service to the user but still be aesthetically pleasing and most important… easy to use.

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